We are a family owned and operated business. We work with passion and perseverance to bring a quality and affordable shopping experience.

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From Founder
Wife and mother of two , we enjoy life in different ways, traveling, cooking, shopping, eating, exercising , laughing, sharing good moments with good friends, we invite you to be part in this journey, see you out there!
Cintia R.
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Our Story
We are a family owned and operated business located in Miami FL

Athletika & Co. emerged with the creation of exclusive clothing for women who can enjoy life and ¬†exercise with style, we believe that women’s deserves to face the world feeling empowered, confident and beautiful to be the source of their own motivation.

All Body Types

Our products are designed to keep you on shape in all body types No Judgments!

Pure Soft

Fabrics are extremely soft and elastic modeling your booty...I mean body

Made with Love

We deserve the best, we have more than 14 different styles


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